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The Superior Multiple Alerts & Timers App

9 out of 10 iPhone users are still using the standard clock app that comes with the phone. Are you one of them?

Chimed™ - The Superior Multiple Alerts & Timers App is the best choice for upgrading your idevice’s clock app because it has useful features that your default app simply doesn’t have.


User friendly features like:

* Creating and running multiple timers and alerts

* Alerting without the need to manually shut the alarm or timer off

* Recording custom sounds for more meaningful notifications

* Customizing the number of sounds for each timer or alert (including matching the number of chimes to the hour of the day!)

* Setting a “silent” alarm with a custom number of vibrations

* Quick access to different timers and alerts with categories and filters

* Modifying an existing timer or alert with one click

* Setting hourly chimes to mark the passing of time just like a grandfather clock


These features and more are packaged in a user friendly interface that is simple and clean.

Your clock app is one of the apps you use most, isn't it time you found something better?

Chimed App Video Preview

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