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iOS App Development and Marketing


Our Company
Make Greater LLC provides Apple iOS app development, marketing and support for consumers and businesses.
Our Mission
We believe that an app that makes our customers' lives even just a little bit better is worthy of enterprise. Our focus is building and marketing those higher quality apps.

App Portfolio

Pour Authority™ - Measure Your Beer
Pour Authority is a fun and simple way to measure, map, share and catalog your beer pours.
Chimed™ - The Superior Multiple Alerts & Timers App
Don't Settle for the clock app that comes with your phone.
Get something better. Get Chimed™
"If we are to set Chimed against other clock apps available in the App Store, its built-in audio recorder, plethora of original sounds, unlimited Chimes (Pro version only), and its timer that allows you to edit the seconds. It’s, simply put, a better option than your standard Apple clock app"

iPhone Apps Review Online - 1/28/2017

"[Chimed™] is a better mousetrap from the Apple provided Alarms. Whether you are timing splits when you are biking, making sure you water your trees at the proper intervals, or making sure you bake multiple items for the right amount of time, this app is for you."

CWalkner - 10/5/2016

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